Alpen Roc La Clusaz breakfast buffet


Catering at Alpen Roc rhymes with quality, diversity and simplicity.


The cooks of the family business are the artisans of the dishes served at the buffet. Our chef guarantees you the freshness of local products, but also the creation of homemade recipes!


Whatever your tastes or those of your group/tribe, in our buffets composed of traditional and varied dishes, you will inevitably find everyone’s happiness thanks to the diversity of choices ! Small or big eaters, everyone can decide on the quantity, but also whether or not to have more.


Simply choose your “Breakfast” or “Dinner” package when booking your stay. However, we recommend that you opt for the All Inclusive Dinner in order to better control your budget, you can try the catering offer on the slopes or in the village during your lunch.

So, no need to worry about anything, it’s even better than at home. The restaurant welcomes you in the morning and evening. All that remains is to serve yourself and put your feet under the table!


Galerie Photos

Alpen Roc La Clusaz restaurant buffet
Alpen Roc La Clusaz restaurant
Restaurant room with snowy view Alpen Roc La Clusaz
Restaurant room with snowy view Alpen Roc La Clusaz
Bar fireplace area Alpen Roc La Clusaz
Snowy panoramic view of the village La Clusaz bay window the bar of the Alpen Roc hotel